by Ian and Charity Rutter

It’s been a long holiday season for us that began over a week before Christmas and went on into New Year’s. While it got a little tiring it was only because we’re blessed to have a ton of family to spend time with.

Mild weather through the end of the year and some negotiable tailwater schedules led to some excellent opportunities. Unfortunately we’ve only had a few chances to spend a few hours on some local streams near Townsend. Little River, Tremont, and Abrams Creek all fished quite well last week.

Winter nymphing in the Smoky Mountains

The recent surge of Arctic cold has put a damper on things. I tried to do some fishing yesterday but the air temperature of 35 coupled with 20-30 mph winds just made it miserable so I cut it short, came home, and watched football by the fireplace. Stick with the heavy nymphs for now and look for the milder weather in the extended forecast.

Here are a few predictions for 2012 I’ve put together:

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