The NCWRC recently added a new feature to their website–an interactive map showing all the various fishing waters around the state. The new map feature appears to combine the standard NCWRC fishing maps as an overlay on the Google map for the state. Consequently, the state map still doesn’t provide individual stream names but there is additional information in the Google map for the area unavailable on the NCWRC maps. You can have the map show fishing locations for a specific species of fish, such as all trout waters or various classes of them, such as wild trout waters only. The Google map feature allows you to get driving directions and you can do searches for specific locations. Finally, because the map uses the Google map as the base you can switch to the satellite view of the area. This is a nice feature that provides greater flexibility than the old maps and improves information content. We’ve added a direct link to the new site but you can also visit it by clicking here.