For conservation minded folks, please check out this great workshop that is being sponsored by NC Cooperative Extension, NC State University, and USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture:

Streambank Stabilization Workshop, Oct. 24 or 25, 2012:

Across Western North Carolina, streambank erosion – and the resulting build-up of sediment in stream channels – is a big problem. When stream banks begin eroding, property owners can lose ten or more feet of land from their yard over the course of the years, ultimately endangering buildings, and diminishing property value. This serious problem can be prevented by stabilizing eroding banks before too much damage occurs.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to stabilize a stream, improve natural systems, and protect and enhance the adjacent property. Discussion will cover causes of streambank erosion and how to use native plants to create a healthy streamside environment. The workshop also includes first-hand experience in the design and actual implementation of a bank protection project using grading, matting, and various natural plants. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch, ask questions of experts, and participate hands-on as NCSU engineers and Soil and Water staff carry out a stabilization project. This is a rare opportunity to work side-by-side with the pros.

Note: this is a one-day workshop, but it is offered twice – choose Oct. 24 OR 25, not both – unless you really want to repeat it — same information, different field site.
Cost is $45, which includes materials and lunch.

Landscapers and other contractors who complete the workshop will be added to the Extension Service’s “Stream Dr” list. This is the list provided when potential clients ask for referrals for help with a backyard erosion problem.

To register for the Streambank Stabilization workshop,

For more information on either workshop, contact Diane Silver at 697 4891, or