Note: Due to a technical problem the smallie video was available on Macs and iPads but not on PC’s. We have corrected this problem and the video should display on all machines. If you have problems please send the webmaster an email via the contact us page.

Kevin Howell’s presentation at the August meeting was very popular–the only complaint I heard was that folks didn’t have time to take notes on everything they wanted to get. So, working with Kevin we have converted his PowerPoint presentation to a video and it is now available on our website. To view the video click on the “Fishing” selection in the top menu and then click on “Fishing” again in the drop-down menu. The smallie video is at the bottom of the page, just click on the play arrow and give it a few seconds to load. Water levels in our mountain streams have been very variable lately and this is a great time to give the trout a break and go after some bronze backs.