Have you ever noticed how you can be standing on a trout stream, chilled to the bone and when you hook a nice fish, suddenly you’re warm? Well that phenomenon was definitely in evidence on Sunday morning at the 2012 Turkey Feather Challenge. The hardy souls who chipped ice out of their guides for the first ½ hour were rewarded with cooperative fish, sunny skies and a calm day that quickly warmed to 50+. We had the North Mills pretty much to ourselves, on a Sunday, which is a rare pleasure indeed. Fish took streamers and nymphs early but by lunchtime dries were the order of the day. Sporadic midge activity had the fish looking up and pretty much any #20 or smaller dry was close enough to seal the deal. This allowed some anglers to run up fish counts well into double digits but the winning fish, a fat 14” Rainbow was caught on a nymph by John Ramey fairly early in the day. A great time was had by all. If you missed the event, put warm socks on your Christmas list and stay tuned. We’re scheming up our next challenge…maybe “The First Trout of 2013.” That’ll test your mettle!