Who will claim the title of the Land O’Sky “Icebreaker” for 2013? Maybe you?

The title of 2013 “Icebreaker” will go to the first person in our Chapter to catch a trout in the New Year. Contest rules are simple:

1. You must be a Chapter member in good standing.
2. Fish must be successfully caught and released on or after 1 Jan, 2013.
3. A “catch” means you unhook it.
4. You must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regs.

Just send in the date, time, species, approximate fish size and fly used to president@landoskytu.com. We will use the honor system but a picture would be great if you can get it.

The winner will be announced at our 8 January Chapter meeting. There will be a prize to the winner but do it for the glory!