December BrownieAs a service to you, a few hardy LOSTU members have selflessly been conducting a survey of fishing conditions on some of our local DH streams.  The basic feedback is: Get out there!  The cool temps and intermittent rains of the past few weeks have all of our local waters running strong, cold and clear.  Trout food is scarce this time of year and the trout have been most receptive to a variety of the old standards with dark nymphs in the 12-16 range proving to be reliable producers.

If you get a chance, bundle up and hit the water.   You’ll find plenty of elbow room and fishing that offers both quantity and quality.   You’d be amazed at how a nice fish can all of the sudden make you forget about the chill!

Oh, and by the way…if you’re tired of seeing pictures of this guy’s ugly mug…send in some pictures of you and your friends and help beautify the website!

John Miko