Drum-AltimeterOh yeah! Another contest to test your skill and determination.  It’s not bad enough that we’ve given you frostbite on New Year’s day, made you further exploit the poor turkey or kept you up late on the summer solstice.  This time,  we’re going to test your legs, your lungs and your angling prowess.

For the month of June we will be running a competition to see which of our members can catch (and release) a trout, on a dry fly, at the highest elevation.  You have to stay in North Carolina (no photos from a Colorado vacation)  Use GPS, a map, an altimeter app whatever.  Photos are not required but are highly desirable.

Submit your entry to president@landoskytu.com by the end of the month and you could be the winner of some yet to be determined but undoubtedly cool prize.  Be safe and good luck!