Land O’Sky TU Members

This part of the country is blessed like few others with beautiful places to explore, fish, hike, bike and camp.

Our chapter is among the most active in the country when it comes to conservation of our wild places, and to be entrusted with that legacy is an amazing honor.

As you know, we’re in a partnership with the Pisgah Chapter of TU in a program to reroute the Cantrell Creek Trail which is now running in the stream bed causing siltation and other problems for the Brook Trout population.

I ‘m asking you to give a gift of $10 to help out. More if you can afford it, but $10 makes a huge difference — and could help us win $10,000 more.

Not to put trout in the river, and not to teach people to catch them; but to use for education, conservation and other programs and opportunities — every one with an eye to the future of our wild, beautiful places in this part of the country, and preserving them for ourselves and generations yet unborn.

If you’ve ever stood alongside a cold stream on a crisp morning, watched fish rise and listened to the birds, been grateful to take in that fresh air, and thankful for the people who fought so hard to keep them alive for you, here’s your chance to be one of those people.

The deadline for giving is THIS SUNDAY at midnight.   

So please, click on the link below and choose the Pisgah Chapter for your donation.  The reason Land O’Sky is not listed is that  the challenge only allows one chapter name and although we are equal partners with them we didn’t want to divide donations between the two of us which would happen if both chapters were listed.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Cantrell Creek,  the many beautiful wild places we share right here in western North Carolina.