We had a great turnout this morning sorting and pricing the items. There is about a ton (well, not literally) of terrific items so thank you for your donations. Come early and take your pic. There is the usual collections of rods, waders, boots, and other fishing stuff as well as some unusual items – a Mad River canoe, a pair of snowshoes, and even an 8” Meade Reflector telescope. We are in our usual location on the left wall side of the hall as you enter.


Our monthly meeting will be on December 12th at 7:00 PM at the REI on Schenk Parkway in Biltmore Park. Curtis Wright will bring some new items that you just can’t live without. Well, okay, maybe you CAN live without them, but they’re good to put on your holiday wish list or keep in mind for your next trip to the store.


In partnership with the Pisgah Chapter we raised $4,000 in donations. And because so many of us donated we had top scores in all categories of the challenge and won an additional $10,000 to use for the joint conservation projects we have with Pisgah. So, again, thanks to all of you for your donations.


The new year is coming up and with it is our First Fish of the Year contest. The angler who catches the first verified fish of the year on New Year’s Day (or later if the weather on that day is unfishable) wins a small prize and gains notoriety by having the photo of the angler with the winning fish posted on our website and Facebook page. And, yes, the first fish does have to be a trout.

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season.