For the first time that anyone can remember, LOSTU members volunteered to stock Spring Creek near Hot Springs for the 2017-2018 Delayed Harvest season. The first stocking was on a cold April day where waders and Polartec felt really good! (Just ask member Michael Ebbs who was shown tossing trout off a bridge that day!) The weather for the May 4 stocking was much more agreeable. On this day, we stocked over 1200 trout and there were some serious piggies (> 3-5 lbs.), both rainbows and browns as well as a lot of brookies.

Krishun Karau with her friend from California, Bridget Dugan, Curt Silvers, Chris Tomsic, and Tom Tenbrunsel (on the truck). Photo credit Jay Hawthorne.

The Setzer Hatchery superintendent was very pleased that we volunteered to add Spring Creek to our usual stocking schedule of the N. Mills River as this creek is a very long way from the hatchery (on the Davidson River) and would require him to send a much larger crew to do it without our help.

This is the last stocking that LOSTU does for the spring Delayed Harvest season. We start again in October with the North Mills River on October 1 and Spring Creek on October 5. For more information on our stocking activities or if you wish to join us, please connect with Curt Campbell at

Now, it’s time to go out there and catch them! Tight lines!