turkey feathers

Hate to pile on but as long as everybody is eating all those turkeys at Thanksgiving, we may as well do something constructive with their feathers.  In the spirit of minimizing waste, we are  once again issuing our “Turkey Feather Challenge” for 2016.  The rules are simple:

1. Legally catch, measure and safely release a trout on a fly that incorporates some kind of turkey feather between Wednesday 23 November and Sunday 27 November.
2.  Do not miss Thanksgiving dinner because you were fishing.
3.  Send the time, location, fly used, fish length (honor system!) and a photo of you and/or your fish to: president@landoskytu.org by Monday evening, 28 November.

Here’s a helpful hint:  The traditional and most common version of the Hare’s Ear Nymph has turkey feather on it.

The person who catches the largest fish wins the challenge and two free tickets to the WNC Fly Fishing Expo coming up on 2&3 December.  Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!