The North Carolina State Council

The North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited (the state council, or NCTU) is a group of officers and representatives selected by and from individual Trout Unlimited chapters across North Carolina. A critical piece of the “OneTU” concept, NCTU’s purpose is to coordinate conservation efforts between our state’s TU chapters and partner organizations, provide resources and support to our chapters, and act as intermediary between the national organization and local chapters

Nearly 5,000 members and 14 chapters strong, The North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited’s primary mission is to provide support to all of our chapters and members, to build relationships with like-minded volunteer organizations across the state, to enhance TU’s relationships with the United States Forest Service, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation and other key government agency partners, and to be a facilitator and steward of our combined resources and capabilities.

In addition to the designated representatives, the core of the council is made up of its officers:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, the National Leadership Council (NLC) Representative and the Rivercourse Administrative Director.  The officers are elected at a regular meeting of the council and all terms are for two years, with the exception of the NLC Representative term which is one year. 

Most of the state council’s funding comes from the sale of our state’s TU “Back the Brookie” license plates and rebates from membership dues received by TU.  The rebates are shared with chapters according to membership; the license plate revenue is used to fund council operations including support for Rivercourse, conservation projects and modest conservation program grants, grants to other organizations and other needs as financially feasible and deemed appropriate by the council.

To learn more about the North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited, please visit its website.

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There is in the very haunts of the brook trout a suggestion of where it gets its vigor and wariness: the cold, clear streams where the water is pure; brooks that wind in and out over rocky and pebbly beds, here shaded by trees and there dashing through the open–it makes us feel vigorous even to think of such streams.

Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock, 1911.

Officers & Board Members

  • Kip Pritchard, President
  • Parker Andes, Vice President
  • Cliff Albertson, Treasurer
  • Jamey Grant, Communications
  • Neal Labrie, Past President
  • Jay Hawthorne, Conservation Chair
  • Jeffrey Skolnick, Events and Meetings
  • Andrew Kabel , Trout in the Classroom
  • Bruce Johnson, Fund Raising
  • John Miko, Financial Advisor