Delayed Harvest Stocking

The Delayed Harvest* (DH) season for 2024 is back! The LOS TU chapter is happy to support our annual commitment to help the Setzer Hatchery by stocking the North Mills River and Spring Creek.

First stocking of Spring Creek will be on Friday, March 1. The stocking truck seems to be getting there at different times than in the past. So, let’s plan to meet at 10:30 am to get organized. We meet in the parking lot behind Big Pillow Brewing. Steve Burton will lead that stocking, but he needs your help to be successful. (To contact Steve, use email address.) Next stocking is April 4.**

Spring stocking begins at North Mills River on Tuesday, March 5. Plan to meet at the N. Mills Campground at 10 am to organize for the day. That stocking will be led by Brian Gustin and he needs your help to be successful. That weekend will probably be packed with people but if you can get out there for a weekday, you may find a more enjoyable environment. (To contact Brian, use email address.) April stocking of the N. Mills is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3.**

For more information on the NCWRC stocking program, go to or send an email to Brian or Steve, our stocking program leads.

*Delayed Harvest (DH) ‘season’ is October 1, 2023 until June 1, 2024. During this time, all trout caught in the DH streams must be returned unharmed to the stream. Additional regulations include only artificial, single hook lures, no live bait, and no scent enhancements. Please be sure to check NC Wildlife Commission regulations for other special rules during this period.
**Stocking dates listed above are subject to change due to unexpected events especially weather. Changes will be announced through social media and on sometimes on a weekly basis.

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