1. Why do you find golf balls in trout streams but never find trout flies on a golf course?
  2. Why do you find only # 16 hackles on a neck when you’re tying # 14 flies?
  3. Why do hackle pliers slip on the last turn and not the first turn?
  4. Why do 7X tippets break at dusk but not at noon?
  5. Why do new waders develop leaks and old ones you want to replace don’t?
  6. Why do you sneeze right after you’ve sorted and stripped a dozen pairs of hackle tip wings?
  7. Why do you not remember that tip for tying pattern “X” that you picked up at the tying demonstration until you’ve tied 10 of the dozen you wanted to make?
  8. Why is it that when you’re almost done with a fly and think, “Hey, this is gonna be one of the better ones”, the thread breaks as you’re tying off the hackle?
  9. Why does your bird dog that won’t pick up a woodcock pick up your # 1 Metz neck when you get up to answer the phone?
  10. Why do we consider a person who is too busy to go fishing a success?